The One Thing That A College Degree Won’t Give You (But Every Employer Is Looking For)

Experience definitely takes you to places.

Thought Catalog

In 2010, I received my bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. I was a triple major (in English, History, and Italian) and was on the Dean’s List for four semesters. I was also involved in extracurricular activities: I wrote articles for two student magazines, campaigned in the 2008 presidential election, and created a comedic webseries that I organized, wrote, directed, and acted in.

Since graduating college four years ago, I have sold watches at Macy’s, answered e-mails from digital newspaper subscribers, and entered hospital patients’ contact information into billing software: all honest and respectable work, but nothing that required a college education that took four years to complete and thousands of dollars to afford.

Starting a career in this economy has been the most frustrating and demoralizing thing I have ever attempted. I’ve applied to entry-level positions in writing, editing, social media, public relations, publishing, and marketing, yet I was lucky…

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