“First Kiss”

Twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…

“I couldn’t decide if it was the best idea I’d ever had or the worst. It was probably the human vulnerability that touched people watching the possibility of love play out in front of your eyes.”

– Tatia Pilieva


AWKWARD!! Good job, HBO GO!

You’ve been there. YES, I know that one point in time you’ve experienced an epic awkward moment while whatching TV with your folks.

SS+K’s hilarious “Awkward Family Viewing” ads for HBO recreated that  perfectly, withparents who just can’t keep those embarrassing comments to themself while watching TV with their teenage son and daughter.

The tagline: Get HBO Go, and enjoy it all “far, far away from your parents,” aimed at millennials  much like myself. It worked because the attack of the video was not only to show what HBO Go is but  it was also a reflection of how open HBO is whit this kind of humor.

These collection of awkward video really are one of the best of 2014. 🙂

WAIT! There’s more.

There’s much much more. See all seven videos here.


Don’t let Public Speaking be the Death of You


At work, I have been assisting in a series of manager’s training sessions on “How to Present Your Ideas Confidently.” Miss Gigi Resurreccion of The Mentor Group Philippines showed this video during one of the session. As I watched the video, I remember the things that happened to me as I was growing up. I have a really bad case of stage fright. I used to just freeze or end up crying. However, I had to step up. Until now, I get the chills and my memory blacks out but I fight back. I try to maintain the compose and I breathe. And if you’re like me, I hope the 3 P’s of Public Speaking can help you. 🙂